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Tuesday, October 26, 2010 ♥ 22:20
♥ smooches

The most stupid delivery call i have ever made. McD's, you need more competent workers.

Me : Umm, hi. I would like to have a double cheeseburger set and one medium fries
Dude : The cheeseburger sets comes with fries and drink.
Me : Yes, but i would like the set with additional fries.
Dude : The set comes with drinks.
Me : Yes, i know. I want the set with fries and drink. But i also want one more medium fries.
Dude : Okay. So that's one fries, one burger and one drink.
Me : No, you don't understand. I want the set with fries and burger and drink. But aside from that i also want another fries.
Dude : That's what i just said. One fries one drink one burger.
Me : No! No! I want one set! With one more fries!
Dude : *short pause* How old are you?
Me : Huh? O.o 18?
Dude : You're 18? 
Me : *irritated* Yes! I'm 18! Now, i want one burger, one drink, two fries.
Dude : *angry* Yes, correct, That's what i've been saying all along!
Me : No, you have not been saying that. You have been telling me a completely different thing. I want one burger one drink two fries and that is what i want!
Dude : Okay, that will be 16.50. Thankyouandhaveaniceday! >(

Gosh, talk about rude staff. What is this how old are you business when he was the one not comprehending my order? Either he can't tell the difference between one and two, or two is one when it comes to medium fries because i was pretty damn sure he kept telling me i only wanted one fries. Either that or he's insisting that the fries comes with a free drink and he was meant burger set when he said burger. Goodness gracious. I hope they come across the recording of my call when they do their staff training thing.

Friday, October 22, 2010 ♥ 22:00
♥ smooches

I've FINALLY privatized my blog. Been thinking of doing this for some time now. Figured it wasn't safe to post whatever was on my mind when i'm in a college like MCKL (sucks eggs).

I deleted the MCKL student alumni and that Reuben guy from my facebook now. And i limited my profile to friends only so that they can't see what i get up to. Hopefully, noone will sell me out cause if the MCKL administrative office sees what i post about the place on my blog and on facebook i'll probable get kicked out. Hehe. I know some ex Wesley-ans who work in the marketing office who are my friends on facebook.

Reason for my worries is that i heard today someone got approached by the evil marketing guy (Reuben) and he asked her to beware because he monitors whatever we post on our facebook page. The world is not safe when you're in MCKL. They even wanna get involved in our personal lives. Personally, i think whatever we wanna put on facebook and whatever we choose to say is our own business and they shouldn't get involved. After all, this is done outside of college and they have no right to step in and control what we say to other people.

Seriously considering switching to HELP next term. They're so much more carefree and let their students do whatever they please. I advise everyone against going to MCKL. Tell your friends and tell you family. They monitor your facebook page and penalise you even though you're totally innocent. Can't wait for the term to be over.

Thursday, October 21, 2010 ♥ 17:46
♥ smooches


No, seriously. Fuck MCKL. I swear that place is hell on earth. 

My outfit today :

Smock on top. Cardigan on. Knee length. Covers most of my skin.

Well, i was innocently standing around and along comes a certain woman. Woman takes one look at me and asks me why i'm dressed like that. She then proceeds to insist that if i wanna wear that dress i might as well do it without the cardigan. Followed by take it off! in a challenging tone. Obviously i do not respond to that. She then tells me to go get my student ID, so i walk away.

When i come back she asks me if i know why my outfit is wrong. I answer no. This is because i didn't see what rule i was breaking. The skirt is relatively long, i'm covering up my arms, it's not low cut or anything like that. (Well, i didn't say this part to her so as to not give her another reason to attack me.) So, she tells me to follow her to her office. She makes me sit down and proceeds to give me a 20 minute lecture.

It starts off with how if i'm dressed indecently boys will ogle me, try to touch me, rape me, etc etc. She also includes that the first thing a male thinks when he sees you is : hmm, what is her cup size? She then also says that if i wanted to wear that dress i shouldn't wear the coat and reveal it all. (Which doesn't even make sense btw because i wore the coat so i wouldn't "reveal it all") She then insists that my non V-neck dress was low cut and people could see down my dress if i bent down. Bear in mind that this is a smock dress that we are talking about. A freaking smock dress!

She then talks about how people only dress indecently to attract unwanted attention from the opposite sex. And if i dressed like this boys would stand at the bottom of the steps to look up my skirt. Her tone conveyed that i intentionally dressed slutty to get attention.

I then started crying cause i was so upset at being judged so unfairly. She then switched to some condescending patronizing tone and went on about how i'm a pretty girl but i shouldn't be dressing like this to college because this dress is solely meant for parties. It went of for another 10 minutes then she ended her lecture with if a boy asks you for sex before marriage, say no!

How much clearer can one make it that they think you are a slut? She made it pretty damn clear. So, screw this place. I hate it. Can't wait to get out.

Sunday, September 19, 2010 ♥ 17:32
♥ smooches

I ate the most adorable kiwi! =] Okay, the kiwi was normal but it came in the most adorable box!

And yes, the kiwi did taste like a fistful of awesome. XD And they came with free spoons. Or knives because they're both.


Been watching loads of Ray William Johnson Lately and i'm super obsessed with this video.

Not the pole nor the Nigerians, but the one after those. Haha. It's so WTF that it's hilarious and i still break out into fits of laughter everytime i watch it. And i've watched it alot. I mean, ALOT! What is that baby doing? How is that baby doing that? Is that even a baby? And what in the world is it even saying? It's so strange and bizarre and random. It just baffles me. It baffles me so. Yet it cracks me up at the same time.

AHHH!! Bloody hell. The other half of my post just decided to disappear eventhough i didn't click anything. Now i have to do the whole damn thing again! >(

Anyways, i watched Step Up 3 on Friday and i thought it was really really good! But i kept noting how the male lead who's not Moose looks like Kevin Federline from the side. So, it was pretty gross. Also, that part about the Slurpee flying? I don't think that actually physically possible in real life. Either way it was an awesome inspirational movie that made me wish i were a dancer. I guess dreams will always be dreams...

Moving on, i painted my nails Malaysian for Independance Day! =] Patriotic, no?

Just make my day and tell me it's beautiful because i spent about 2 and a half hours on it. I kept screwing up the right thumb so i kept having to redo it. Loved, it though so i guess it was worth the effort.

Now, for some pictures. =]

Doodle getting cozy under pillow.

"Picture, David. Pictureee!!!!"

That's my fat hand btw. =]  

And that's it for today. Bye, everyone! XD 

Sunday, August 1, 2010 ♥ 23:01
♥ smooches


I HATE KIDS!!!!!!!!!

 I do. I hate them with a passion!

Thursday, July 29, 2010 ♥ 22:05
♥ smooches

I'm pretty damn pissed today! I can't believe that the woman actually called me to the office and insisted i go for barbecue night! Like hello! It's my choice whether i go or not! She even told me to give away my MAD ticket for it! Please, it's not gonna happen that way.

I wonder who told her all about me not wanting to go because of the costume ban thing. Whoever you are, i'm pretty damn ticked off. >( See that? That's me being angry at you. Yeah, you. You know who you are. >( (I don't, though.) Oh, yeah. Feel the guilt! Feel it!

Still not going for MCRave. Going fo MAD instead. Yay! Excited for a good night tomorrow. XD It's gonna be great. Hope the woman doesn't look out for me or i'll probably get into trouble.

Also, the lrt decided to break down. It was almost 8 by the time i reached home. Exhausted now! Sleep would be lovely.

And to a certain sunshine, thanks for brightening up my day with talk of Sparta and infinity pools. Life wouldn't be the same without you. =]

Close your eyes and I'll kiss you,
Tomorrow I'll miss you;
Remember I'll always be true.
And then while I'm away,
I'll write home ev'ry day,
And I'll send all my loving to you.

I'll pretend That I'm kissing
the lips I am missing
And hope that my dreams will come true.

Because it reminds me of you. :)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010 ♥ 21:21
♥ smooches

Oh, MCKL. You've wasted my life once more. 2 hours i spent. 2 whole hours! Searching for a devil costume to wear to the barbecue night MCRave (sounds like a bad name for a McDonalds burger) or whatever it's called.

First of all, what kind of theme is halloween masquerade? Is it a costume party or a masquerade? Make up your minds, people! You can't have the bloody cake and eat it as well. But despite that confusing theme, i went along with it. I tried to make this stupid event (bbq night / mcrave / halloween party / masquerade) work. I actually put in alot of effort trying to figure out what to wear and how to make it work.

I remained positive and insisted it would be fun to dress up and go for MCRave (in italics because it is to be read in a tone of disgust). So, today i went out and bought a full devil costume. And it was gonna be so awesome. I even toned down on the slutty devil and made it a decent-enough -for-mckl devil instead. Then, i go for pre-u and what do they tell me?

3 days before the event itself, and mind you this is a costume party event thing, they tell me that you are not allowed to be the devil, a witch or a wizard because it is anti-christian. Like hello?! Halloween itself is an anti-christian celebration! What do you mean i can't dress up as the devil for halloween? It's freaking halloween for God's sake!

Besides, it's not like i'm going to BE the devil. I'm simply wearing horns, a tail, red wings, and carrying a fork. How do you even know that that's what the devil looks like? For all you know i might be dressing as some strange anime character.

Furthermore, i walked into the goth shop to buy the stupid outfit. They had bodiless heads hanging from the ceilings and shyt like that. MCKL, i walked into that goth shop for you. I walked into that goth shop where they sell furry handcuffs and sexy schoolgirl outfits just so i could dress up so your stupid halloween masquerade would be a success. And this is how you repay me?! Stupid bloody college.

So, now, i'm going to MCRave in jeans and a t-shirt cause i'm not gonna be bothered to get dolled up for this stupid bloody event. I'm only going to eat the food because they made us pay for it beforehand. It was included in the fees. And my theory about that is that they're so worried that people won't turn up for their events (which they won't, btw) that they made us pay for it in the fees so we would have to turn up to get our money's worth.

Or maybe i won't even turn up. I guess i'll go depending on how i feel. On a lighter note, look at my Suck On This, Malaysian Studies Woman! nails. Another reason to hate MCKL : the lecturers are so bloody sarcastic to you all the time.

This is for being so bloody sarcastic with me and telling me in a tone that conveyed that it is impossible to do, to paint my nails like this. I'm telling you now that you really CAN display patriotism by painting the flag on your nails. I didn't say it would be beautiful. I merely said you could do it. And it really does display patriotism. You have no idea how many "OMG, Eli, since when have you been so patriotic?"s i've gotten in the past 2 days. Next time, don't use a tone that makes it sound like i'm so bloody stupid cause, despite popular belief, i actually do have an idea of what i'm talking about and i did this myself, not at a manicurist, thereby proving that it is possible. So, suck on this, Malaysian Studies Woman!

And i'd like to end this post with a lovely

YOU SUCK EGGS!!!!!! >(


Elizabeth :]


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